Dive Deeper with Human Capital Research Corporation: Maximizing Your Slate Instance Using the Power of Datasets

Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 2:03 PM until 3:00 PMEastern Daylight Time UTC -04:00

Datasets: not just for Organization data! Learn how to leverage the nearly unlimited utility of Slate datasets to upgrade your institution’s business processes. Combining datasets with the power of configurable joins will allow you to create flexible and highly dynamic configurations that can transform the way you use Slate. Examples will include: 

  • Using datasets to centrally maintain academic program information (checklist requirements, term deadlines, etc) and learning how to leverage this information to power conditional logic on application forms, application logic/hard fails, Deliver mailings, Portals, and just about anywhere else.
  • Using datasets to serve as the backbone for parent/delegated access portals and communications
  • Leveraging datasets to build the ultimate student success platform - from case management to course offerings to student tutoring and more.

Chris Browning, Human Capital Research Corporation
Rob Galarza, Human Capital Research Corporation

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